Gas Off Spray (100158WEB)

Gas Off Odor Remover Spray

Part Number: 100158WEB

Gas Off Fuel Odor & Residue Removal Spray

Remove the odor and residue from the worst fuel spills on surfaces and fabrics.
Gas Off Fuel Odor & Residue Removal Spray:

  • Works to remove gas and diesel fuel odor and residue
  • Safe for hands, clothing, paint finishes, chrome and plastic surfaces
  • 100% non-toxic*

Gas Off Fuel Odor and Residue Removal Spray Makes Cleanup Fast and Easy

Use Gas Off spray any time you have a fuel spill. Gas Off removes gas and diesel residue and odors from equipment surfaces, fabrics, auto upholstery and more after overspills and drips!

Gas Off is Safe for Your Hands and Surfaces

Gas Off is a solvent free, non-alcohol based formula that is 100% non-toxic*, which neutralizes and transfers gas odors and removes residue from surfaces while being gentle on your hands and skin.

Gas Off is safe on:
  • Hands and skin
  • Fabrics
  • Paint finishes
  • Chrome surfaces
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Rubber hoses

Gas Off also Available in Conveniently-Packaged Cleaning wipes!

Along with the 8 oz. cleaning spray, Gas Off is available as a single-use cleaning wipe or 15-count re-sealable flat pack. Gas Off can be stored virtually anywhere: in the glove box, the saddle bag, the tool box, on the work bench, or even in your pocket.

*No toxic chemical(s) subject to the reporting requirements of section 313 of Title III and of 40 CFR 372 are present.
Assembled Weight 0.5
Engine Brand Briggs & Stratton